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Capel y ffin church

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capel y ffin church

It originally served as a chapel of ease for the parish church at Llanigon, but is now within its own ecclesiastical parish. With an interior of just 26 by 13 feet (8 by 4. A little church, an Anglican monastery and a famous graphic designer. The statue of the Virgin Mary at Capel-y-ffin. The little village of Capel-y-ffin (the chapel on. The Church of St Mary the Virgin at Capel-y-ffin dates from and stands on a site of At just 26 by 13 feet inside, it is one of the smallest Churches in Wales.

Capel y ffin church -

Like so many Welsh churches it is made special by its place in the landscape; Capel y Ffin translates at chapel at the border. It originally served as a chapel of ease for the parish church at Llanigon , but is now within its own ecclesiastical parish. On the other side of the River Honddu is a small, whitewashed Baptist chapel built by the two brothers, William and David Prosser. Inside is a simple, small chamber with a stone floor, wooden seating, a two sided gallery, and a pulpit dating from The hills are split by the cruxifion and Christ sits in the gouged out gap; bleak, and powerful, with the black earth below. A wall plaque commemorates their work in bringing The Ministry of the Gospel to their house in the year capel y ffin church

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