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Selling art on fine art america

Ankit Butola

selling art on fine art america

Prepare your work for sale. Create a professional, ready to sell, quality product. If you are painter, learn to photograph or scan your artwork with. I have been trying to sell on fine art america but the customer service will not respond any way shape or form. That's too bad because the work that has been. Quality Consignments Wanted. Live & Online Fine Art Auctions. selling art on fine art america

Selling art on fine art america -

The search feature in online stores like Fine Art America operates with tags so you have to have really good, creative tags to get discovered. What about a kitchenware collection? Comment Tracking Each time someone posts a comment on one of your images, you'll be able to see it on your image page and on your control panel statistics page. I am not writing this to simply bash them or hurt their reputation but to tell the truth about my experience and shed light on an issue I feel is very important to all artists. There are already tens of thousands of artists selling on Fine art America and millions of images for buyers to choose for their home decor — prints, framed art canvases, metal prints, wood prints, tote bags, greeting cards, throw pillows — how is a new artist going to get noticed among this crowded field? You need cash to succeed on Facebook now. Your website not an island in an enormous sea of lonely, rarely-visited websites. My friend Melissa Dinwiddie shared her experience of letting collectors in on the creative experience in her blog post on The Creative Process. Sites like Colossal and Hyperallergic troll through Tumblr looking for stories, and many of the museums and galleries have active Tumblr accounts. Our greeting cards are print lb. Fine Art America allows you post an unlimited number of press releases on our press release page. They are there to provide a place to show your work, take the order, ship the work to the selling art on fine art america and handle customer service.

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