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List of exercises to do at home

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list of exercises to do at home

The 15 Best Quick and Easy At-Home Workout Moves. Keep the sofa intact and the lamp from shattering with these space-efficient, furniture-. For a list of Vendors that can set Cookies on your device or browser when you interact with this site and the purposes for which Cookies are set by. Bridge. Share on Pinterest.

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List of exercises to do at home -

Repeat for one minute or 10 reps. Some people find it easier to bend at the elbows and rest their forearms flat on the floor rather than do a plank with their arms straight and hands on the floor. Keep your heart pumping while building muscle and flexibility. Your upper body should lean slightly forward as your knees bend. Drop and give us But these days, the world is upside down. Pike pushups Adding a pushup to your pike will target those shoulders even more. Shoot for three sets of Directions: Get into a high plank position, with your hands stacked underneath your shoulders and your feet close together. Keeping your back straight, reach down and grab hold of the weighted object on the floor in front of you. From list of exercises to do at home kick your feet back as far as you can while keeping your arms extended.

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