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Paul bremer we got him

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paul bremer we got him

Paul Bremer III, the United States civil administrator in Iraq; Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, allied military commander in Iraq; and Adnan Pachachi. Paul Bremer's famous statement about the capture of Saddam Hussein is now a popular meme in online pranks and callout posts. Posted: Dec 13,

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RAIDING TECH SUPPORT SCAMMERS WITH LIGMA Bremer was also in personal danger because of Iraqi perceptions of him and was henceforth heavily guarded. Once again, some of that information, hopefully, will come out during the integration processes. According to Bremer, Abizaid preferred the second. But for paul bremer we got him users, we get to watch in real-time as recent history is ripped from its moorings and repurposed by younger generations. Younger meme-makers may find it increasingly less funny.

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Defenders[ clarification needed ] argued that this was due to the unanticipated volume and fierceness of those resisting the Coalition's occupation. Opening Statements MR. I first urged [his] arrest last August". Internet chat sites rapidly filled with comment and conspiracy. This move was even criticized by members of Bremer's own appointees on the Iraqi Governing Council. paul bremer we got him

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