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The westing game chapter 17 questions and answers

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This is the last page of the free study guide for "The Westing Game". motifs, and imagery; a key facts summary; detailed analysis; a multiple-choice quiz, and suggested book report ideas and essay topics. CHAPTER Some Solutions​. Some Solutions: Chapter 17 Summary. On Monday, the stock market falls six points, and Turtle is worried. All the heirs are jittery, and the bomb squad is called​. The Westing Game Chapter Questions. Chapter 17—Some Solutions. What indication is there that the heirs were jittery? What were the two trading terms that​.

The westing game chapter 17 questions and answers -

Today, he helps Mr. He runs out to tell Doug, but he's so excited he grabs what turns out to be the wrong bathrobe. Hoo tears "fruited" in half and gets "Ed Purple-fruit. Their connection is that Mr. Turtle reminds Angela that she never placed any value on being pretty but adds that the incident was a dumb thing for Angela to do.

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The Westing Game: Chapter 17 When he is done, four clue letters remain: I, S, T, and O. He goes to tell Doug what he's discovered, piquing his brother's curiosity. The heirs have become paranoid, as they fear not only a murderer among them, but also a thief and bomber. Theo does not think Crow was in the building for the first two bombs but does not know she lives in the building; Christ tries to tell him but goes ignored, paving the way for Theo's surprise encounter with Crow soon after. Turtle thanks her sister for keeping the the westing game chapter 17 questions and answers from going off in her own face and had brought Angela's tapestry bag to the hospital. Sandy says he asked Mr.

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