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Food bank downtown seattle

Riya Verma

food bank downtown seattle

Emergency Feeding Program of. Pike Place Food Bank - Seattle · Providing free groceries for our downtown neighbors. · November Stats. 7 wonderful food banks in Seattle for those in need. Alyssa Therrien. |. Dec 7 , pm. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to WeChat. food bank downtown seattle Hours are 8 a. The Downtown Food Bank is committed to helping all residents of downtown Seattle have access to quality, nutritious food. Needed items: Pasta, rice, cereal, cooking spices Sign up for the newsletter Eater Seattle Sign up for our newsletter. It has also gone from feeding 50 households a day to food bank downtown seattle thanand could use donations to keep food bank downtown seattle with demand open from 9 a. This is complicated since, unlike other food banks around Seattle, there are no major supermarkets nearby to donate surplus stock. Those donating are advised to show up an hour before opening to make it easier to pull into the garage for low-contact drop-off.

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