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Midwest ope

Sushant Jha

midwest ope

"Ope" is a word said in the Midwest that takes the place of "sorry." cooking mistake. Midwesterners might say "ope" when they've made a mistake. Ope, You're From the Midwest! If you're from the Midwestern United States and you've accidentally run into someone or made a minor mistake, chances are. Posted: Nov 21,

Midwest ope -

Cornhole - A backyard game played at every summer barbeque. Nothing more than a polite reply to a polite apology. The topping is the best part, usually comprised of tater tots or cheese or even better, both! Soda is for your laundry! You simply get in someone's way and you go 'ope'.

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But is it really? Of course, it's mocked with that thick Fargo-esque accent! Did midwest ope notice people from the Midwest saying it first? Are we missing anything? In fact, we've all been saying it, but weren't midwest ope aware of it! Puppy chow - The Midwest equivalent of muddy buddies. Mitkommen literally translates to "come along. midwest ope

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  1. Bank se paise lut liye tab bhi apko pf ka paisa milega...Pf ki guarantee government leti hai...

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