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Republic tax refund bank products

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republic tax refund bank products

Do you have clients counting down the days until their return comes in? Capture more business by offering Republic Bank's Easy Advance1 product. We have. Republic Bank Tax Refund Solutions by Republic Bank & Trust Company. Access details about your bank product. SSN. - -. Must be 9 numeric characters. With over 15 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank Tax Refund Solutions is one of the leading national providers of tax related bank products.

Republic tax refund bank products -

Taxpayer disbursement. Part 4 - Ancillary Products The Ancillary Products section of the bank application gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue and product offerings to your clients. If any provision of this agreement shall for any reason be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, same shall not affect the validity of this Agreement or any other provision hereof and this Agreement shall be interpreted and construed as if such provision to the extent invalid, had not been contained herein. Select Yes or No. The breached party shall take appropriate steps to contain and control any incident of breach of security relating to the Confidential Information, assist the other party with all reasonably requested steps needed to notify customers of any such breach and prevent harm or inconvenience from such breach and agrees upon request to indemnify the injured party for any loss or costs associated with any breach of security or unauthorized disclosure. Neither party may assign this Agreement without the prior written approval from the other party. Customer Support Sigma Tax Pro guarantees prompt and professional responses to our clients Tax Prep Support If you have questions on tax guidelines we can provide the answers you need Audit Assistance Audit Assistance will work with your client to get the refund they are due Resellers Program Increase your revenue and leverage your connections within the industry Get Started Today. Mutual Representations and Warranties. Read the added fee agreement and sign the document by entering your republic tax refund bank products name in the Signature Name field. It is important to review each field in each section of the bank application for accuracy and update any information that has changed. Bank Setup Information - Enter the name that is on the account, republic tax refund bank products an Account Type, enter your bank account routing number and your bank account number.

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