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1st gen apple pencil battery life

Hameed Hamee › How-long-does-the-Apple-Pencil-battery-last. I have had this issue since I got the Apple Pencil 1st Generation and could never find a way to fix it. I have tried everything I have found online to. Apple Pencil promises 12 hours of battery life and 30 minutes of usage after a 15 second quick charge by Terbit Basuki, iPad Pro user since the first gen.

1st gen apple pencil battery life -

On the other hand, to see Pencils failing such as my own before the warranty expires suggests that there is a design flaw in the Pencil. When it comes down to it, the answer as to which stylus is better is simple: it's the Apple Pencil 2. The 8. Can I "slow"-charge the Pencil say at 1C rate, therefore not slow at all so as to prevent the hypothesized deterioration of the battery due to the default fast charge protocol? As a consequence of point 5, if you leave your iPad unattended for a few weeks, you may come back to a dead Pencil. I have a much more comprehensive list of known and used Adonit Pixel compatible apps. Made your decision?

: 1st gen apple pencil battery life

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