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1989 football cards worth money

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1989 football cards worth money

Looking Back at 3 of Score Football's Best Cards – Beckett Pricing This card has a high book value of $30 but with a high professionally. Score Troy Aikman Rookie Card (#). He correctly predicted the market for sports trading cards would extend past baseball and made a big bet on football cards. Prior to Pro. 1989 football cards worth money However, the market for football cards was certainly crowded in as Fleer, Pro Set and Score were also vying for a piece of the market. In fact, reading through this list of the most valuable Score football cards may give you the urge to head out to Canton and visit the Hall of Fame busts of some of these young dudes. It was a concession to time in some ways, as Woodson had lost a step at 34 years 1989 football cards worth money age. They were firing on all cylinders and nobody seemed to be able to stop them. That popularity helps boost most of his cards to the most valuable in pretty much any set in which he was featured, 1989 football cards worth money this one.

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