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1st grade sight words flash cards pdf

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1st grade sight words flash cards pdf

The three PDF files noted below contain 41 Dolch first grade sight word flash cards. The PDF files are large so it will take a few moments to retrieve them. Consider. reader master some key words at the first grade level. Download all (15). Click on a worksheet in the set below to see more info or download the PDF. First Grade. Sight Word. Flash Cards. By: Christine Statzel. Page 2. the and to is that of a in you it. List 1. By Christine Statzel. Page 3. he for are with they was on.

1st grade sight words flash cards pdf -

This is no particular order, it just makes the cards more fun. Sight Word Flash Cards You can use these cards and recording sheets in a variety of ways. Dolch First Grade Flash Cards This set of flash cards has all the words from the First Grade list: of, his, had, him, her, some, as, then, could, when, were, them, ask, an, over, just, from, any, how, know, put, take, every, old, by, after, think, let, going, walk, again, may, stop, fly, round, give, once, open, has, live, thank. Help your child memorize sight words with these colorful word flash cards. Have children pull one card, identify the word by reading and speaking the word, then write the word on the recording sheet.

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