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Nba basketball cards worth money


nba basketball cards worth money

Your one stop shop for all sports cards. Fleer #8 Wilt Chamberlain. Cards trading card database has prices achieved from actual card sales, not estimates. The aim is to provide factual information from the marketplace to help.

Nba basketball cards worth money -

The hologram of Jordan going up for a reverse dunk put this card ahead of its time in terms of design standards. If you have any of these cards in good condition you just might be looking at a nice payday. Instead the large action shot of Malone is clearly the focal point of this important and key rookie card. The Hall of Famer was known for his scoring and rebounding abilities and led the league in each of those categories at least once before knee injuries forced him to retire. Havlicek goes down as one of the all-time Celtic greats so collectors will fight for any of his cards, let alone one as rare as this. As I mentioned above, Michael Jordan cards consistently bring in high values and have the biggest demand. J, Jordan and Bryant. Instead the large action shot of Malone is clearly the focal point of this important and key rookie card. There are many others out there and this list could go on and on. The Rookie of the Year, Dantley went on to post an impressive career that would feature six All-Star appearances and two scoring titles. His was a legendary career and collectors will pay up for top grade Dr. If you have the same one with only a 1 or 2 rating, the nba basketball cards worth money of it will be significantly lower.

Nba basketball cards worth money -

His Topps rookie card is a key to the set and features a great shot of the young Archibald atop a bright orange background. Fleer broke the card fronts into three sections with team logo and name at the top, player name and position in the middle, and a large image of the player at the bottom. Distributed only in Minneapolis inside potato chip bags you can imagine how rare and difficult it is to find copies of this card in decent shape. His is lucky 7 in the player set and collectors will need a tremendous amount of luck to find one in high grade. He played all but one of his thirteen seasons with the Knicks and often led the team in scoring. Refractor parallels were released in a ratio of nba basketball cards worth money

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