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Bankwest closing branches

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bankwest closing branches

CBA could not shut down certain regional Bankwest branches and a portion of Bankwest's earnings had to go to community initiatives. These. Bankwest is closing 29 branches along Australias east coast and cutting More than half the branch closures are in NSW, with the rest in. BANKWEST is closing 29 branches along Australia's east coast and cutting jobs, saying customers are increasingly using mobile banking. Bankwest, which is owned by Commonwealth Bank, says the branches will close over a three-week period from August 17, reducing its east coast footprint to 14 branches.

Bankwest closing branches -

Picture: Supplied AAP Managing Director Rowan Munchenberg said rapid changes in the digital space required Bankwest to make important decisions on where to invest to deliver great value for customers and grow nationally. AAP with Clancy Yeates. Related Quotes Advertisement Finance Sector Union national secretary Julia Angrisano said she would have expected a "better consultation period" for staff. The changes are set to impact customers across the east coast. A Bankswest spokesman said the company would endeavour to find new roles for the staff within CBA's operations. bankwest closing branches

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