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Set up direct deposit unemployment pa

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set up direct deposit unemployment pa

Your Claim Confirmation Letter contains information regarding the debit card and direct deposit options. Please visit our Payment Options page for instructions. Unemployment compensation benefits soon will be distributed through debit cards rather than paper checks or direct deposit, state officials said Thursday. "​It will be up to another 13 weeks but it could be less depending on. Please visit for instructions on choosing between direct deposit and debit card. Getting Information About Your Benefits. Recent Payment. set up direct deposit unemployment pa

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How to file an unemployment claim in PA during the coronavirus outbreak Click here to start, change, or stop direct deposit. Set up direct deposit unemployment pa case you need to change your name, address and telephone number then you should re-print your details to avoid any errors to creep in. The first eligible week is the waiting week. An incorrectly filed form will be returned and this can lead to a delay in receiving your benefits. If you have payment method questions, please call the Pennsylvania Treasury Department's Bureau of Unemployment Compensation Disbursements at toll free.

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