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Santander car loan bad credit


santander car loan bad credit

This is the worst company to ever deal with when it comes to getting a loan for a car. They target low income people and people with bad credit so they can hit you with higher interest rates. They do not try to work with their customers. I went through Santander for my car. I paid all my payments on time or early and then I refinanced my car. Santander Consumer recently purchased my auto loan from Gateway One Lending and GO READ THE REVIEWS, 86 % BAD ON THIS SITE, 91 -YES 91 % ON. What is PCP? No Deposit Finance · Personal Loan · What is guarantor car finance? Bad Credit · Poor Credit · No Application Refused · Car finance for military.

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Santander's $550 Million Predatory Lending Settlement They told me the same thing! The car was repo over a year a ago and was charged off over a year ago, but they update my credit report every month for new charge off. Obviously, if you are here to see how Santander is, then there are plenty of one-star reviews to be had. I called Santander in the morning when I discover that the vehicle is missing After reporting it stolen santander car loan bad credit the police only to be informed that a vehicle matching mine was repossessed last night. Overall, we do not recommend getting a Santander auto loan. I have the worst loan with them too.

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