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  1. जैसे अगर आपके पास icici का डेबिट कार्ड/क्रेडिट कार्ड होगा तो आप उसमें i mobile app में जाकर देखे कार्ड को ब्लॉक या अनब्लॉक लिखा हुआ रहता हैं लेकिन उनका मतलब स्विच ऑन/ऑफ से ही होता हैं,

  2. @Jeetendra k Pradhan am of idbi in rural gets 60 l. But po of sbi gets 50 l in metro that even if he owns vehicle 😂😂.

  3. @Luis Camacho Texas may have higher property tax but then again, Texas has no State income tax. California has the highest state income tax at around 13.3% highest on the margin. California also does have a higher sales tax rate at minimum of 7.25% though some cities in the state raise the sales tax even as high as 10.25%. Texas minimum sales tax minimum rate is at 6.25% with the larger cities going as high as 8.25%. In Texas, the state taxes businesses/corporations a little less than 1% while California taxes their businesses/corporations at 8.84%. This causes many small businesses in the state of California to fail. The average salary in California is about $71,000/per year with Texas at around $59,000/per year. Though after Federal Income tax, State Income tax, Social Security, and Medicare tax this put the average income in California at around $53,000/per year with Texas at $48,000/per year, though this does include any other tax including sales tax or vehicle tax which in Texas is 6.25% and in California is at 7.50%. Still think California's taxes are lower? I think, not.

  4. @PutraBangsa14 sudah mas m bangking nya sudh di blokir tadi sy sudah nelpon ! trus atm nya masih bisa di gunain sperti biasanya apa harus kita ganti yg baru lagi ya mas ?? Soalnya tadi blm sempat nnya pls dah habis😁

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