Merits of Self-Defense Weapon for Women

Statistics show that at least 35% of women all around the world have experienced violence at some point. Most women live in fear of being attacked, whether by a friend, a close relative or even a stranger. The attacks happen in the dark most times or even during the day at deserted places. This is why carrying self-defense weapons is highly recommended for women. They come in many types and pepper sprays and even pocket knives are quite popular. Women should carry at least one of self-defense weapon all the time. Carry on reading about this if to understand more about the merits of carrying such a weapon for women. For starters, it gives you confidence that you can defend yourself in case of attacks.

Many of these attackers are men who are stronger than women. For this reason, fighting off these men physically is not something a lot of women can do. However, something like pepper sprays can disable them for a while as you call for help or run. In addition, electrocuting them or stabbing the attacker allows you to get out of there. It will take a much shorter time to save yourself if you have a way of defending yourself. You should call 911 quickly but you should also be able to do something as they get there. It won’t be that difficult for you to save yourself if you are harmed with a self-defense weapon.

It is even better that the companies that design self-defense weapons for women chose designs that are just like the everyday items this gender uses. Some resemble a pen, lipsticks and so on. This means you may even keep it at hand in preparation to attack in case of anything and people won’t suspect it is a weapon. This allows you the element of surprise in the event of an attack. Those few seconds can save your life which is why you have to take this seriously. It is important to put in place measures to save yourself when you are attacked given that it will be your life on the line.

Most of the self-defense weapons are affordable and in most cases, you only have to buy them once. On the same note, it will not be that difficult to maintain them. Every woman should have a self-defense weapon. In addition, you will be able to feel confident whenever you are running late. Some happen by chance and it isn’t much you can do. It is unfair that women are faced with these situations.

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