Why is Ibn e battuta more famous now?

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Ibn e Battuta is a famous scholar, explorer, and traveler. We should read his historical travel experience due to his achievements. He experienced various things as a traveler and scholar. All of these things can be used as a model for our learning. We should read more about him due to his extensive travel and scholar experience. We discuss all aspects from his life which made him famous.


He belonged to a rich family and lived in Tangier, Morocco. He was born during 1304 C. E. he was during Marinid dynasty on 24 of February. He belonged to a Berber family which was known as judges for their tribes. He got his early Islamic education in a good institution of his city. After that, due to unavailability of good higher learning institutions, he decided to go to other countries. In addition, he wanted to perform Hajj due to his strong devotion to Islam.

Early life

Ibn e Battuta is a traveler whose full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn e Battuta. He was an only person in his family who liked to get the higher education. He lived in Tangier, Morocco where no learning institution for higher education was found. Due to his strong interest to get education, he decided to go to other countries. He wanted to search good teachers and institutions in these countries.


Ibn Battuta got popularity in travel and tourism industry. He is known as famous travel and travel writer. It is because of his passion for traveling to all countries over the world. He visited all Muslim and some non-muslim countries in the world. He traveled to West Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and China. He wrote his famous travel book named as Rihla. It is one of the best publications of Ibn e Battuta.

Travel experience

He was sad when leaving his parents for purpose of travel. He started his journey with Tunisia. He searched for good teachers and madrassas here. He stayed in a good madrassa in this city where he learned various Sufi aspects. He was known as paid Judge or Qadi when he was leaving Tunisia. He stayed here for a long time period. After leaving this city, he went to Mecca where he performed Hajj due to his strong attachment to Islam. This is one of his biggest dreams as a Muslim. He went to Alexandria where he met with different personalities. He met with Sufis belonged to different countries. He contributed in all ritual experiences in different countries across the world.

Facts about his life

Some interesting facts from his life became the source of his popularity. Some of the interesting facts from his life are as follows:

  1. He visited Mecca and performed Hajj during June 1324.
  2. He visited nearly all Muslim countries around the world.
  3. He completed the journey which consisted of more than 2000 miles.

So, he is a famous traveler, explorer, and scholar. His travel experience is used as a model by new travelers and writers. He is famous due to his achievements in his life.