Why twitter and Instagram are always competing with each other

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Instagram and Twitter are always competing against each other because they are both forms of social media that hosts actual celebrity and popular personality’s accounts. But Instagram has proved to be the more popular social media service for celebrities because it is easier to use and also because it is simply more interesting. Instagram is a very big attraction for actor, singers and artists. It also gives a bigger fan following than twitter because everybody has an Instagram account but not a twitter account. Instagram has stolen many of the users from twitter and this is why Twitter and Instagram are always competing with each other on Social Media. Instagram is a more popular social media application than Twitter.

Difference between Twitter and Instagram:

The biggest difference between twitter and Instagram is that where twitter shows a picture of something a follower is doing, Instagram makes it look like a piece of art after several of the built in filter are applied to it. This is the difference between them. Twitter sometimes hows the reality and Instagram shows the edited reality which is not real at all but in fact is a depiction of what could be real. People like to live life through a better perspective and this is why they follow celebrities on social media and Instagram because they want to live life through them and the pictures they post. Get Instagram Followers from this link.

Twitter is quite similar to Facebook and Whatsapp where statuses and pictures can be posted but Instagram is a means of communication only through pictures and that too filtered one. People love to see the ideal life of celebrities shown in the pictures they post and they follow as many celebrities they can which increases the user rate of Instagram.

The Problem with Twitter:

The main problems that twitter face in user growth is more than just getting new users to sign up on Twitter but to get the already registered user to download twitter on their mobile phones or use it on their laptop devices. There are many people that do not have twitter on their mart phones but have many other irrelevant apps that they do not even use. This is the main reason that twitter faces with their follower growth that while people are logging out of twitter in droves, they are logging in on Instagram in the same if not more than that way. It was reported that Twitter lost 500 million followers in the last year and Instagram even gained more so. This is why Twitter and Instagram are always competing with each other.

Instagram is gaining new followers because visual communication is always more attractive than the text communication. Instagram does not have the feature of posting statuses or blog posts, only through pictures and though it kind of limits the application, it also promotes the features of this app that are developed in the application on Instagram.