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I ll be home for christmas movie


i ll be home for christmas movie

I'll Be Home for Christmas. In the spirit of the holidays, this hilarious comedy adventure celebrates the believer in all of us. Jake Wilkinson (Jonathan Taylor. Movie Info. Jackie, a single mom and attorney, looks forward to spending Christmas alone with her daughter. Everything goes according to plan until Jackie's. Jackie, a dynamic Assistant District Attorney and single mom, is looking forward to wrapping up her latest case and spending Christmas with her adorable and. i ll be home for christmas movie

I ll be home for christmas movie -

Various subplots and secondary characters also get thrown in — a destructive police dog, a theft at the local tree lot, the closing of said shelter, but none of this makes the movie more engaging. Jake reconsiders and trades the tickets back in for New York, and she forgives him. When she declines, Jake reconsiders his father's deal and retrades the tickets back to New York. It is celebrating Christmas, and a television news reporter is reporting live from it. Upset with Jake's tangle of lies, she tells him off and boards the bus. He wins the prize, but on his way to the airport the taxi driver informs Jake that Jeff is actually the mayor of the town. Jake has only three days to get to I ll be home for christmas movie if he wants the car. The status of their relationship is never that clear. Jake feels bad, and asks the taxi driver to turn back. It's the kind of movie that just misses a G rating and gets slapped with a PG for rudeness. He decides to stow away in a dog kennel on a cargo plane.

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