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Ben franklin savings bank


ben franklin savings bank

Find great deals for VINTAGE: BEN FRANKLIN Franklin Suffolk Savings Bank Copper tone Coin Bank BX4. Shop with confidence on eBay! Charter Class: Savings banks, state charter, supervised by the FDIC. # of Branches: 11 Original name: Benjamin Franklin Savings Bank. , Became. Ben Franklin Bank has seen a great many changes over its more than one In Douglas Savings and Loan Association moved to Arlington Heights, Illinois​.

Ben franklin savings bank -

If interest rates rise, our net interest income and the value of our assets could be reduced, which could negatively affect our stock price. Among its controversial provisions, FIRREA retroactively revoked agreements for the long-term amortization of goodwill. The acquiring thrift was allowed to show this "Goodwill" as an asset for regulatory compliance purposes, depreciating writing it down over a long period of years. In , it was ruled that these shareholders had the right to bring suit "shareholder standing". The table also shows the dilution to stockholders if all these shares are issued from authorized but unissued shares, instead of shares purchased in the open market. The stockholder approval required is a two thirds vote of all outstanding shares of Benjamin Franklin Bancorp common stock if the stock-based incentive plan is implemented less than one year after the offering, and a majority vote of the shares of Benjamin Franklin Bancorp common stock present and voting if the plan is implemented more than one year after the offering. We have adopted a benefit restoration plan which would provide certain restorative payments to our President and Ben franklin savings bank Executive Officer and our Chief Financial Officer, who are prevented from receiving earned benefits under the employee stock ownership plan and k plan by statutory limitations, and would provide to these officers, upon retirement, or upon termination of employment following a change in control, additional restorative payments equal to the projected value of shares of Benjamin Franklin Bancorp common stock that would have been allocated to the executive under the employee stock ownership plan over the remaining term of any loan to the employee ben franklin savings bank ownership plan, as if employment had continued through the full term of the loan. We have adopted an employee stock ownership plan that will award shares of our common stock to eligible employees primarily based on their compensation. This plan is a tax-qualified retirement plan for the benefit of all our employees. In SeptemberBank of America acquired the thrift from the government. The tables above are not intended to be indicative of how our stock may perform. At ben franklin savings bank completion of the conversion, we is matcha caffeine bad for you make, or contribute funds to a subsidiary to enable it to make, a year loan to the employee stock ownership plan to enable it to purchase shares of our common stock in the offering or in the open market following completion of the offering. ben franklin savings bank

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